Maintaining Your Garage Door

To ensure you are prolonging the life of your garage door and helping it keep your valuables secure, it is best to perform a few simple tasks. Regardless of whether your garage is used to store less-used items, a vehicle or as extra living space it is paramount that keep your garage door in great shape so that it can provide the much-needed protection it should.

• Inspect all the moving parts for cleanliness, including springs, cables, rollers, track and even the lock. Keeping these areas clean and free of debris will help keep them working properly.

• Inspect the moving parts for any wear and tear. If there are signs of damage, make repairs before the door is used again. Minor repairs could possibly be done if you are handy at diy but some things like high tension springs could lead to injury and should be dealt with by a qualified service technician.

• Lubricating the moving parts, will help extend their life. This should only be done on occasion, as doing this too often can attract dirt which would lead to gumming up.