Do steel sectional doors reduce energy bills

Sectional doors are designed to fit behind your garage opening, therefore the shape of the opening is irrelevant – great news for anyone with a unique-shaped opening; as long as you’ll get an oblong door behind it. A sectional door must, however, be fitted perfectly and it will then operate smoothly, whenever.

Space saving

With no outswing to stress about, a sectional door won’t take up a great deal of space outside your garage. This makes them perfect for homes with short driveways; you’ll park right up to the garage door without ever disrupting how you get in or out of your garage.

Thicker panels – safer than older doors

Many homeowners believe old, outdated door technology to secure their garages – manual up and overs, for instance. The difficulty with these doors is that they need pivot points which vandals and trespassers can use to gain access without much effort; steel sectional doors don’t have this problem. The sectional design of the door panel – and its vertical opening mechanism – leaves no leverage points for burglars. Panels also are thicker than other doors – double skinned, measuring 40mm – in order that they present an innately tougher proposition for direct force attacks.

Even with age, sectional doors won’t come loose round the frame. Criminals won’t be ready to use gaps along the highest or sides to pry the door open.

Stylise your exterior

A sectional door can suit any design aesthetic. From ultra clean and contemporary to cosy traditional, these garage doors have a variety of base styles, finishes and hues to settle on from. They’re made to live for your garage opening, can colour match your front door door and, although normally furnished with an electrical motor, are often operated manually for complete convenience. Sectional doors are one among the foremost stylish garage door options available; they will even be easily fitted with windows of varying shapes if you’d wish to add some stylish window.

Insulation and weather protection

Insulated sectional doors are highly effective if you would like to take care of the temperature inside your garage and economize on your energy bills. If you employ your garage as a workshop, gym, office or living/recreational space, then this may be a necessity. Choose a sectional door with the proper level of insulation for your requirements, and you’ll quickly notice the difference between it and your old garage door. For us, it’s not all about appearance, you must also consider operation, functionality, privacy and protection.