Making The Most Of Garage Support Pillars

Within some garages, particularly long garage formats the roof has to be internally supported using pillars. These support pillars add structural strength to the garage building, and add a feature to the garage which offers a range of potential benefits.

Since indoor pillars are placed in a pattern within the garage space, they can be used to help divide a garage into sections. Attaching dividers between pillars can assist this visually and can be especially useful for those who use the garage for business means.

It’s important to consider the hazards of support pillars as well, especially when vehicles are being driven in and out of a garage on a regular basis. It goes without saying that if a car knocks into a pillar there could be major structural damage inflicted on the garage as a result. As a solution to this, high viability markers, or large vehicle buffers are often attached to the pillars to help avoid accidents and mitigate potential damage.