Reliable Sectional Doors from Gliderol

One of the key things that people want from their garage door is reliability. It needs to be safe and secure, so it won’t allow intrusions upon your home. It needs to be easy to operate, so you can open the door easily to drive your car in after a long day at work. It needs to add to the kerb appeal of your home, so you know you’re coming home to a home that looks inviting in every sense. All of these factors tie in to the reliability of your door, and a Gliderol sectional door will do a great job of delivering on all of these points. Gliderol doors are just the ticket for homes of all shapes and sizes, that are in need of a more reliable option for their garage.

The fact of the matter is that garage doors often don’t age well if they’re cheap, if they’re not from a good brand, or if you’ve had the door for a very long time and perhaps don’t’ even know where it came from in the first place! It’s easy to get a door that offers more reliability for a very affordable price, and one of the best options around is Gliderol. This is a well established brand in the sectional door market, giving customers simple opening mechanisms and a low maintenance door type that they know will keep working well for them, well into the future. In this sense, a Gliderol door offers excellent value for money.

The top five reasons why a Gliderol sectional door is more reliable than your current garage door

Garage doors are often neglected and won’t always give you good value for money in the long term. Here are some reasons why a Gliderol sectional door will prove a reliable option for your home:

  • You know your home will be better insulated. You can rely on a Gliderol door completely to ensure your home is going to be a more consistent temperature all year round. This is due to the 40mm thick panels, giving a U-value of 1.35. Your garage will be more temperate and will help save you money.
  • Security is much easier to achieve. A new garage door will always provide a security upgrade due to the fact it’s going to be more difficult for someone to break and enter. Gliderol sectional doors are very high quality and will help you improve the security of your home.
  • Highly weatherproof. A Gliderol door will be highly weather resistant so it can withstand all kinds of UK weather conditions without getting damaged. Gliderol doors are made from materials such as steel that will provide good protection from harsh weather conditions and won’t get damaged by everyday usage.
  • Great aesthetics, that are going to last. Gliderol doors look great when they are installed and thanks to their durability, you know they will continue to look good well into the future. If you choose a cheaper door, you might find that it looks good at first but that looks will fade and the door will become chipped or damaged. There’s no fear of this when investing in a quality brand.
  • Smooth, simple operation. Sectional doors are automated, so they work with an electric system that opens and closes them. Gliderol doors have high quality systems, built to last.