Transforming your manual garage door to a remote control door

Transforming manual garage doors in to remote controlled doors is extremely common in homebuilding and restoration today. With the unpredictable weather, such as the biting cold and British summer, an automated door is best suited for most UK homes. Currently, a lot of households are embracing this new technology due to convenience, however, rather than incurring the cost of acquiring a new garage door, technology has made it possible to convert your existing garage door into electronic doors at a fair price. The conversion of the automatic doors from manual doors is a simple process that can be done in less than a day.

There are a few things to put into consideration when automating an existing garage door. First, the condition of the existing door will largely determine the ease of converting it into a remote-controlled door. If it is old, warped or even dented, it may not work well when loaded with an electric motor. For the safety and efficiency of the door, it is advisable to replace it with a new door.

Canopy garage doors (those that have the door protruding outside when opened) are difficult to automate when old. Nevertheless, newer and well-kept canopy doors are a perfect match for the automation since they can handle the conversion and installation of electronic motors. Regardless, you will need to purchase some additional equipment such as a bow arm kit to convert it successfully.

Retractable doors are more popular in the UK since they are easy to convert into remote-controlled operations and you could be sure to take a look at Hormann Promatic Electric Operators as these systems can provide toe automation aspect. They do not use cables when lifting and are instead installed with side mounted lifting arms and tension springs on the lower end. There are rollers at each corner of the door that help in setting the panels into horizontal steel runners of support.

Tracked doors (those that open like canopy doors but slide back into the garage instead of protruding) are the best kinds of doors to transform into remote-controlled appliances entryways. They are also converted by installing electronic motors. Their convenience is due to the ease of successfully and effortlessly turning from manual to automated.

Sectional garage doors are also a good option in providing the automated experience. They use similar motors just as the tracked and the canopy garage doors. Roller garage doors are often motorised as a standard, but when not, they need to use a different type of motor for conversion, which requires replacement of the whole door. There are a lot of options to choose from when you opt to convert your manual in to a remote-control garage door. It is up to you to pick the option that best suit your needs but it’s important you take a look at the leading manufacturers and do your homework on the most reliable retailers before you make your final decision.