Using Liquid Roof Finishing On Garages

Many garages have roofs which can be enhanced using a liquid roofing technique. Liquid roofing is a process which applies a strong membrane over an existing roof, increasing its durability, waterproofing and adding some insulation.

The process of liquid roofing provides a cost-effective method of making a new or existing roof waterproof. It also provides around 25 years of additional lifetime to a roof, depending on the quality of the coating system that is used. Liquid roofing is approximately 70% less expensive than other roof replacement options available on the market.

Liquid roofing is overall a safer way of applying a roof membrane. Compared to felt or asphalt finishes, it does not use materials that need to be heated to high levels. This is especially important as using hot materials on roofs is considered to be an extremely high-risk process which poses a significant fire risk to the building, its occupants and the roofing contractors.