5 Benefits of Overlap Garage Doors

Overlap garage doors are rather popular today for their style, safety, versatility and ease of use. These doors open and close separately into panel sections. They work without any tracking mechanisms or swinging in from the structure openings. This is why they can be installed at the entrance of garages of all shapes.

The many features of these carport doors are:

  • It fits all types of buildings as it uses the exact mechanism for wall openings.
  • As you need no ceiling tracks to install them, these doors reduce the space required for the garage ceiling.
  • These doors provide for immediate parking of cars from both sides.
  • As these doors are custom made, you can choose and use from many options of models, colours, materials, accessories and timber species.
  • The doors run on standard combination motorization which rotates the gears which operate the counterweights.

Besides these features of these carport doors, there are many benefits giving you all the reason to have them installed in your garage.

  1. Security: The overlap system ensures your garage is safe and secure all the time by providing resistance to burglary and wind while improving security from outsiders.

In addition to this, these doors have a strong panel and integrated steel box which are hard to break. As these doors do not have external handles, which are targets for burglars, they are safe to use for your carport.

  1. Design: As overlap is custom made, you can chose your garage door from various colours, styles, materials, designs and lots more. Even the standard designed doors are available in various designs and combinations for you to choose from.
  2. Space: Unlike traditional sectional carport doors which run on intrusive tracks, these overlap garage doors are trackless. They rise vertically and have no internal tracks and are thus best for use in large carports with high ceilings. They are also great to use in garages with multiple doors which may be intrusively designed.
  3. Automation: It is rather inconvenient and a waste of time to manually operate any carport access system. In fact, it is this automation feature that makes them so popular. These doors use an integrated operator which can be used on carport doors of all sizes within its range. You need not worry during power failures as you can always manually operate them.
  4. Insulation: Overlap doors for garages are made using durable and resistant wood. The wood panels used here are rather thick, about 75 mm and offer you the required insulation to keep your carport warm.

You thus eventually end up saving on your energy costs and your money, especially if the garage is used for other reasons besides storing vehicles, like as a gym, playroom or office.

All this proves that these overlap garage doors are much better and beneficial to use to protect your carport than traditional sectional doors. The absence of any hardware on the internal side, its counterbalance system, its invisible operator and the trackless system all make them the perfect choice to use for your garage.