Everything You Need To Know About Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are an important part in the functioning of any automatic garage door as without them people will have to get out of their cars every time they want to enter or exit their homes. A properly functioning garage door is essential as all that will be required is a push of a button to drive in or out. It is only when the opener has issues that we realise how important it is as they not only offer convenience, but also save lots of time and effort.

Garage openers have improved over the years with incorporation of technology in their functionality. Today, they have become safer, reliable and have sensors to detect if anyone or something is on their path when closing so as to prevent accidents. In the event your opener is faulty or does not function properly, you will have to contact a repair specialist who will either repair or replace it. It is however important to contact a professional and reputable technician.



A garage door opener is an intricate system that opens the garage door at the push of a button. The button can be connected to an electrical system in the house or battery operated remote control unit. When the opener button is pressed, it sends radio signals to the control unit which activates a motor that is connected to a track and pulley system which opens or closes the door. Some doors have a light feature which lights automatically and turns off after a set time. This light is used to signal the opening or closing of the doors.



Because the opener is operated using electric motors and radio waves, you might encounter some problems like

  • The opener not functioning even after pushing the button
  • Opener opens the door but fails to close it or vice versa
  • Motor is running but the door is not opening
  • Door opening and closing on its own without opener button being pushed



In the event you notice this signs, you need to contact your technician who will either resolve it by undertaking simple repairs like aligning the cables, lubricating all moving parts, testing the controls or replacing them.



Some of the common types of garage door openers include;


Chain drives

These are the most common type of openers and are the cheapest available door openers. Chain drives use metal chains attached to the motor to open and close the garage door. The only downside with chain drive openers is that they are very noisy. They are recommended to homes with detached garages and to those who do not mind the noise.




Belt Drives

Belt drives is the most popular type of openers because they are very dependable and run quietly because the belt is made of rubber. Despite the lack of noise, belt drives are more expensive. Most professional experts usually recommend the belt drive.




Screw Drives

The screw drive opener operates using a threaded steel rod. Screw drives openers are not commonly used as they do not work effectively in extreme temperatures. They are moderately priced.