Garage Door Security

Garage door security is important regardless of what you choose to store in your garage. Most people pay much closer attention to home security, and garages are often left exposed and at greater risk of burglary.

Aside from the apparent deterrents such as closing your garage door and locking it. The simplest form of security is fitting motion sensor lights. This can deter thieves as it draws attention to anyone nearby. This is particularly important if your garage is detached from your home, as shadowy spaces allow unwanted visitors to go about their business unnoticed.

Having a side door or windows in your garage can be convenient, but it is often the weakest point of entry. Making sure all regular doors and windows are locked and covered so no one can see inside can further deter theft. Reinforcing door locks with plates and longer screws or installing cameras around your garage will really up your security game and gives you the greatest chance of protecting your possessions.