Garage Door Weather Seals

The garage door is the only barrier between what’s inside and the weather. Expensive cars, tools and children’s outdoor equipment can all be effected if your garage door is not efficiently sealed.

A garage door weather seal is a great way to help counter this issue. A weather seal is simply a rubberised buffer that sits on the floor, directly next to the opening at the bottom. A seal like this will prevent rain, dirt and leaves from seeping into the garage and potentially damaging what’s stored inside.

Garage door weather seals are also a great way to save on energy bills. The seal will literally seal the garage door from the outside, enclosing the garage from the elements. This stops heat from rushing out, helping to insulate the garage.

The same principle applies to the moisture in the air. A weather seal will help to reduce dampness from forming in the garage, which is especially useful if you store items which are vulnerable to humidity changes.