How frequently should my garage door be serviced?

Business owners are aware of current health and safety regulations. These laws make it necessary to complete things like having your garage doors serviced.

Many individuals believe that once their garage door is installed, they are free from worry. It’s untrue. Like every other motorised product, automatic doors need maintenance.

Automatic garage door owners do not require as frequent maintenance as their commercial counterparts. Compared to businesses, homeowners infrequently utilise their doors. However, even when their garage doors are automated, homeowners should still have them serviced at least once every 18 months.

A yearly garage door maintenance checkup can help you avoid severe injuries and even fatalities. Since garage doors are responsible for almost 20,000 accidents each year, keeping them well-maintained minimises your chance of becoming one of these statistics and decreases the possibility of damage to your door, which will ultimately save you money.