Is a carport the same as a garage?

We’re regularly asked whether a carport is the same as a garage, but before we get into the answer, it’s important we understand what each of these structures do, especially in terms of protection. It is without a doubt one of the most important additions in one’s home to keep vehicles safe from harsh weather conditions. Many people confuse a carport with a garage and despite this fact, they provide almost same functions, they are definitely different in nature.

Differences between a garage and a carport:

Let’s have a look on the differences between a garage and a carport…

1. Construction:
A very big difference between a garage and a carport is of its construction.

A carport is a semi-constructed structure which is built to provide shade for your vehicle. Carports are usually open from two, three or four sides with a rooftop in place. Every person constructs carports according to his preference but they must be at least open from two sides according to International Residential Codes. Carports are either built with homes or as free standing structures for shade. It’s probably important to note that carports are not particularly common in the UK, but a garage is. With garages, they enclosed on four sides with a door installed for parking your vehicle inside and a roof on top.

2. Cost effective:

Having a carport as compared to garages is a very cost effective way to store your car. It is also easy to construct carport and they can be easily attached with your home or can stand on their own.

As far as the construction is concerned, garages are a bit expensive to build as you have to construct walls on four sides with a roof. A door is also needed to install to park car in and lock it which significantly adds in cost but is compulsory to completely secure your house as garages are also usually approachable from inside the house.

3. Safety:

Garages ensure that your car is safe inside and cannot be stolen which is not guaranteed in a carport as it is open from two or three sides.

4. Ventilation:

Safety concerns are a bit higher in garages as compared to carports. A running car in a closed space like garage generate carbon monoxide fumes which can be deadly for health if fumes seep into the house whereas in carports, there is enough ventilation which does not cause any threat to human life.

Whether you have a carport or a garage, the main purpose of having one is to secure your investment in form of a car and prolong its life, which can be greatly affected by harsh weathers if not stored properly. Whether you’re looking to buy a carport or a garage, it’s important to understand the level of security and privacy you need, so be sure to do your homework on the different brands and designs!