Roller shutter doors; Not just for commercial properties

Roller shutter doors tend to be linked with workplaces, factories and commercial garages, however they are a great option for domestic properties too.

There are many benefits of having a roller shutter door for your garage. Firstly, they are extremely safe and secure. Roller shutters provide a protective barrier against potential intruders or harsh weather conditions, without reducing the amount of light in your property. They are strong and durable, while also being stylish too. The lock system and thick material makes them one of the most secure doors for any garage. There are very difficult to break into, so many intruders wouldn’t even be tempted to try and break in via this garage door.

Roller shutter doors are also very energy efficient – So if you want to use less energy this year, consider putting up roller shutters which are fitted with thermal insulation properties. This means that they will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Additionally, if you have hardwood flooring or expensive carpets then these can be protected from sunlight damage by roller shutters too.

When you picture a roller door you may have a bulky, industrial style image in your head. However most garage door companies have many modern designs to choose from, suiting almost every home. Roller shutters are usually available in a variety of finishes, meaning that you can tailor your roller shutter door to your house perfectly. Roller doors come in many different styles and materials too. You can choose from solid aluminium, steel or even wood – It all depends on your taste, and the final look you desire for your home.

Roller shutters are a revolution in the garage door market because they don’t need a huge motor to open and close them, in fact you can actually opt for a manually operated garage door. However if you do choose electric they are very low energy consuming and extremely quiet too.

If you choose an aluminium or steel door, their sleek design will blend in perfectly with most modern homes. Most importantly of course is that roller shutters offer excellent protection from burglars thanks to their strong material make-up and automatic locking feature.

Roller shutter garage doors will fit almost every household garage, but do require a certain specification to fit in properly. It is essential that the door is installed correctly for it to perform safely and securely. Most roller shutter doors are hinged onto the left-hand side of the garage, but some can be fitted at any height. Roller shutters are often used by commercial properties to protect their stores and stock from vandals and protect the contents from severe weather conditions too. They also provide an effective sound barrier between your home and your surrounding neighbours.

It is a good idea to look around to see where there are roller doors for sale, and see what each company has to offer. Some local firms will come and assess and measure the garage door way to provide you with the most suitable roller shutter door system. As mentioned, one of the first things to do when deciding whether or not to install a roller door system is to measure your garage door opening. You need to take into account not just how wide it is but also how much space there is between the top of the door and the ceiling – this will have an impact on exactly what type of roller shutters you can go for. The door requires space above for the horizontal metal panels to roll up into as the door is open. Ideally the opening needs to be more than 2.4 metres high and more than 1.7 metres wide to accommodate the majority of systems on offer at roller shutter companies.

If you’re still not sure that a roller door is right for you, speak to friends and family who have them installed as it can help you get an idea as to whether or not they are worth having one installed in your own home garage. Installing a roller shutter door system will give you a good number of benefits including privacy, security and noise reduction – which means that if these things are important to you, a roller shutter garage door is the number one option. Once you have decided that a roller shutter garage door is the most suitable choice for your property, you need to decide what kind of look or feel you are going for outside your house so that you can match the roller shutter door with the general theme of your home.