Sectional Garage Doors for Residential Properties

There are many types of garage door a person can choose for their home. Some are cheaper, some are higher quality, some need more maintenance, some are well insulated… the choices you make will be influenced by what you need for your door and, ultimately, your home too. One such option is sectional garage doors for residential properties, as these will give great efficiency, insulation, security, and everything else that’s important with any garage door. They also work in a very sleek and streamlined way with a vertical opening and track mechanism, which will make opening and closing them as easy as clicking a button on a remote control.

A sectional garage door is different to other kinds of garage door – there are, however, many brands that are still widely known and that will give you all of the benefits associated with a sectional door. Brands have evolved over time, and started to offer various types of doors and sectional doors to cover the needs of the modern consumer. Many top brands in the garage door industry do now have sectional doors available as a standard part of their range. Some brands also specialise in sectional doors. Take your time to familiarise yourself with different brands and what they offer you so you can understand all your options.

What materials are available for sectional garage doors? Which one is the best option?

There are three main types of material that sectional doors are made from: steel, timber and aluminium. The benefits differ between the different material types. Timber is a popular traditional option, designed to look premium and to never go out of fashion. Aluminium and steel are thermally efficient, robust materials that will withstand a lot of wear and tear over time. They can be very good decisions for a sectional door.

Double skinned, well insulated doors come as standard: the leading technology used in sectional garage doors

Many modern garage doors will be good for insulation, but sectional doors in particular are designed and made to maintain a consistent temperature at all times. They are double skinned as standard and when they have been properly installed to ensure there are no gaps or weak points, they can achieve very good u-values. This is an important factor if the garage is used as a home gym or office, or if it is used to store valuable cars of possessions where temperature and potential condensation are important to note and to control, regulate and prevent.

Security of sectional doors: superior performance for residential properties

Sectional doors have quality electric motors so are very robust and secure. They can be one of the hardest types of garage door to damage and break into as they are well fitting and highly secure. Even if you do experience an attempted break in, this would be very unlikely to be successful without specialist tools, and would often be very noisy during the process. This makes sectional garage doors a very good option for ensuring residential security.