Sectional garage doors verses single panel garage doors

A sectional garage door is one that consists of multiple panels which are connected to each other via hinges on the bottom and top of every panel, sliding over another within a track. Sectional doors are popular for many households because they are very strong and durable, but also because they look great in many types of houses, especially modern ones with a simple design.

‚ÄčA single panel garage door is, as you might have guessed, just one big panel. Most of these doors open by swinging or rolling upwards and if they do this on an overhead track instead of the floor, they are called sectionless (or liftmaster) garage doors. Although they can be very nice to look at and modern in design, a lot of homeowners choose sectional doors for their strength.

A sectional garage door uses a number of smaller panels, usually about 3 or 4, on tracks that can allow each section to move up or down on the track as required. A single panel design will use a large roller which is attached at both ends – this roller sits inside the larger door and will move up and down as required.

Single panel garage doors can be strong as well though, so this might come down to the preference of the homeowner. Some people feel more comfortable with a nice looking single panel door because it looks lighter than a sectional one, but what you have to consider is the price and security of the door.

Both doors have their own pros and cons and its only after doing your won research you will be able to make a rational decision into which door is right for your home. With that said, a residential sectional garage door really does make a house a home.

There are many different styles of residential sectional garage doors that you can choose from. Some people do not like the idea of having a remote control because they feel it is too complicated for them to use, but with today’s technology every garage door opener comes equipped with an easy to use remote. You might even get one without asking, making the decision for you. However, with a smooth opening system installed the manual opening and closing of a sectional garage door is much easier and some say less clunky than and single panel garage door.

There are many different materials used in the construction of garage doors today. They come in steel, wood and aluminum. The greatest advantage to having an aluminum sectional is that it can last up to 30 years longer than any other type of door material.

Garage doors also come in single panel or sectional styles. These two differ greatly; a sectional door is constructed in sections, allowing the door to move up and out of the way during opening. A single panel garage door comes as a whole unit that swings across or slides down into a recess in the floor when opened.

As you know, many manufacturers offer warranties on their products. If you’re in need of a new garage door it is important to see what warranty they provide with each garage door. It is also worth asking the best way to maintain each door and depending on the material you choose will depend on the upkeep it requires.

Single panel garage doors may require complete replacement should they get dented or damaged in any way, compared to a sectional garage door which may only need the damaged section replaced, which in turn will be a lot cheaper in the long term.

So when it comes to choosing between a sectional garage door and a single panel garage door, the main deciding factor is what it looks like. This is because overall, both styles are very durable and weather resistant to a similar level, so really it comes down to what you wish your home to look like and the style of door you would like to have on your garage. One of the major advantages that sectional garage doors have over single panel garage doors is their ability to support a large amount of weight at one time – this means they can be made larger and heavier than a single panel door, allowing a person access to much bigger vehicles, such as trucks and cars. A sectional garage door will also generally open up the entire width of the door opening, giving a person greater access to their vehicle.