The Tools Used to Install a Garage Door

Whether replacing or installing a new garage door, there are several important tools that are required in order to effectively and efficiently get it set up. While some doors may require specific tools, here is a list of the essentials that will be needed:

  • Socket Bit and Open-Ended Wrench

Various sockets that are used with the open-ended wrench. Used to tightly secure bolts to frames.

  • Spirit level

Used to make sure objects like frames and hinges are installed at the same level and angle.

  • Drill and Drill Bits

A drill will allow screws to be securely drilled into the wall, through the hinges.

  • Hammer

Used to loosen tightly fitted frames as well as hammer nails.

  • Safety Glasses.

Eye protection when drilling into metal and working vertically on overhead hinges and runners.

  • Adjustable Locking Pliers

Used to bend and attach bolts and tracks.