Wood Garage Doors – Are they Secure

Many people will see wood as a rather outdated material, especially when we have the option of steel and aluminium, but the fact is wood garage doors were solid back in the day and they still are today. If you have a garage door made out of a really solid timber, then you’re pretty much laughing when it comes to security – let’s just say a burglar would need to be axing the door down for hours before they can really break through the wood.

Of course you’re going to get different types of wood, and different types of designs and these are just as important. It’s possible to opt for a wooden up and over door, round the corner of the traditional design which basically has two doors opening to give access.

If you have a nice looking traditional home with wooden period features then you may not want to ruin the design by adding in an industrial looking steel garage door, and wood should always be viewed as a solid, durable, long-lasting and reliable product.