Making Sure Roller Doors Are Secure

Security is often a common big issue with roller doors and many do have a weak point. This is usually because they can lack proper mechanisms at the top of the curtain to sufficiently keep the door secure and prevent a forced opening from the bottom. However, there are certain types of roller doors that get around this issue due to their better design.

An example of this are the double skinned aluminium roller doors. These are generally more secure with the SWS Seceuroglide Excel aluminium roller door maintaining a level one design insurance rating. When installed correctly these types of doors will provide high levels of resistance against any attempted entries.

Some standard roller doors can be secure but only if they are of a certain quality, the right specification and size for their intended purpose. Which ever door that’s chosen, be sure it’s the right one before buying. Check with the manufacturer or retailer if there are any uncertainties.