A Selection of Electric Door Openers for Garages

Garage door openers can turn any garage door into an electric one, which can be easily opened with a switch, remote control, or even an app. This makes access to a garage far simpler and people can access the garage without having to leave their car, or have the garage door keys to hand, or struggle with an up and over door. Electric door openers come in many sizes and styles to suit all garage door types so whatever you have installed, you can adapt it rather than having a whole new door installed. It is essential the right opener is used with the right type of door though, so that it will work efficiently and correctly.

A garage door opener has the potential to make your everyday life more efficient, and just that little bit easier – and who doesn’t want that? You will very quickly find that you don’t know how you managed before you had an electric garage door.

Different types of garage door openers – what type should you choose for your garage door?

The main thing you will need to know when buying a garage door opener is what type of garage door you have. This will affect the kind of operator you buy as it will need to be compatible with your existing door. The main types of garage door that you might have are up and over garage doors, sectional garage doors, roller shutter garage doors, round the corner doors, canopy garage doors, and side hinged doors. Some will be easier to automate than others. Some, like sectional doors, will usually have electric operation already. If you need to know what type of garage door you have in the first place, you can easily research this online and look at photos and videos of the different door types.

Here are some tips to find the right type:

  • Do you need an opener with a separate control unit?
  • How heavy is your door? You will need to know this to make sure you choose an opener that is compatible.
  • What type of door do you have? As already mentioned, this will affect the type of opener that is compatible.  
  • What size door do you have? All openers will have details of the door sizes they are compatible with. You can look at these to work out which size will be right for your door and opening.  
  • Where are your electric points? Make sure you know how easily an electric door opener can be installed in your garage.
  • What mode of operation do you want? Openers can work with switches, remote controls, apps and more to suit your preferences.

These are some of the garage door opener features you might want to think about:

  • Separate control units. This allows for a flexible installation close to power points.
  • Speed. A speed of 20cm a second is a good speed for top of the range motors.

Material. Make sure the motor will be compatible with the material of your garage door.