How to Repaint Your Garage Door

Over time your garage door paint fades, chips and degrades, making it look run-down and also making it vulnerable to rust. If your garage door is looking rough and needs a repaint, here is how to do it…

1. Prepare the door by first sanding it down with coarse sandpaper or a wire brush.

2. Wash the door with water and diluted detergent to remove any dust, dirt and grease. Then allow door to fully dry.

3. When painting outdoors, ensure the temperature is between 8°C and 25°C to optimise paint performance.

4. Before painting, ensure the ground and surrounding area is protected with a paint sheet or newspaper to catch drips or spills.

5. Start by opening the garage door and painting the edges which are not visible when the door is shut. After these areas have dried, close the door and paint the door from the top, down.

6. Only apply one thin coat to begin with and follow up with a second one, if necessary. Leave to dry for the specified time on the paint tin before applying a second coat.