Are roller shutter garage doors the best type?

There are two types of garage doors; the single skin steel roller door and the double skin aluminum type. These two types are different and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The single skin steel roller doors are manually operated and preferred in cases where security and insulation are not necessary. The double skin aluminum door is the opposite of the skin steel roller door. It is electrically-operated and good for use where security and insulation is important. However, this door has more moving parts thus producing a lot friction when being operated.

Choosing a door that will give you great service is quite difficult. You might go for one based on the price or the material it is made of but this is not always a good means of judgment. The important details that you are supposed to look at are the barrel, the roller door as well as the linkage between the barrel and the curtain, the motor etc. As you can see, these are not details you can look at in a rush and need through inspection. You can also ask for advice from experts on the best manufactures of roller garage doors.

Today’s big question is which roller shutters are the best? We will do a comparison between the sectorial garage doors and the roller shutter garage doors on all bases and in the process we can learn about them both.

Space occupied

The roller shutter door can be used in any type of garage and does not occupy space inside the garage but it does require some overhead space for the roll sheet. The sectorial garage doors need space to roll up when opened.


The roller shutter doors are electronically controlled thus easy to manage when driving off or parking your car whereas the sectorial garage are manually controlled thus more time is spend when opening and closing them. When it comes to repairing the sectorial doors are easier to repair as their components are not hard to figure out but the components of the roller shutter doors are hard to figure out and thus self-repairing them is hard.


When it comes to security the roller shutter doors have as state of security design and when installed properly can prevent all types of forced entries thou they have a weak point at the top of the curtain. The sectorial doors in their own nature are secure with the panels behind their steel frames. However if the lock is tempered with, they will offer access to the inside of the garage.


The roller shutter doors made of aluminum slats offer a reasonable chance of insulation although they are spaces in between slates where the metals join. The sectorial doors have 45 mm thick foam filled sections and also have rubber seals on all sides of the door. This provides high levels of insulation.


The roller shutter doors being electric, during an emergency the key knob does not work and this means opening it manually. This is a lot of work since one cannot roll the sheet upwards. The sectorial doors on the other hands are manually opened and during such an emergency will open normally as they are not controlled by electricity.

Before making a big decision on the type of garage door to use it is wise to talk to an expert and get advice. But if the area you live in has electrical issues the sectorial doors are recommended. If you are a busy person and always in a rush no time to open and close doors, the luxury of roller shutter doors is for you.