Differences between a carport and a garage

Parking is of significant importance to all those families who own a car. If you think of the safety and security of a car, then garage is of utmost importance. A carport is another of a kind, which is also preferred by many homeowners for parking purpose. However, people are often confused about which one is a better option between carport and a garage. This confusion is actually because many are not aware of the actual differences between a carport and a garage.

Let us discuss the clear-cut differences between a carport and a garage.

What is a garage?

A garage is kind of a small room of a house that is built up with mortar and brick. This is usually part of the home and attached to it. It is usually attached to the side of the house so that it is easy to park the car and take it out as and when needed. A garage has three sidewalls and the fourth side is the gate for entry and exit of the car. Every garage has a proper lighting and wiring done. There are many houses where you will find the garage at the backyard of the house instead of at the side. This might be a bit difficult for entry and exit. Having a garage as an extension of the house is much convenient. The cost of construction of the garage is often quite high. Even though the costing is high one can actually feel safe with a garage as it improves the security. You can leave your car in the garage and move out anywhere without being worried about it being stolen or getting damaged.

What is a carport?

Carports are semi-covered as they are open in at least two sides. This one is for car parking but it does have some limitations to it. It is, however, one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your car. So, basically, a carport can help provide protection against the nature such as rain, heat or wind. But, it might not be a very safe way to protect it from thieves or keeping it safe from getting damaged.
A Carport is much easier to construct and is comparatively less costly as that of a garage. These carports might be attached to your home or can be easily portable so as to shift them from one place to another.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind while installing a carport or a garage is that the car should be kept safe and protected. A car is dear to every owner and so it must be well protected. These are some of the common differences between carport and garage, which you should keep in mind before constructing one.