The benefits of an automated garage door

For a moment, have a good long think about how often you hoist your manual garage door up and down. It is mind-boggling to estimate how many times you put your back into this effort into this manoeuvre every year. While getting out and wrestling with the door may not seem so inconvenient on a warm, sunny day, it becomes a real chore in the cold, rain, wind and snow. Actually, it is just a major issue all year round. Why go through the pain when you can press a button?

How many picture perfect days can you count on in a year? Then there is the sad fact that, with each year that passes your old garage door seems to get heavier and heavier. It does not take many wet, cold winters before the charm of an old-fashioned manual door wears off. Fortunately for you and your back, there is a full range of automatic garage doors, including one that is perfect for your home.

Imagine pulling into your driveway and, with the simple push of a button, having the door to your garage slide smoothly open to welcome you home. No getting out into the weather, no leaving your children, pets and perishables in the car and, best of all, no strain on your back. An automatic garage door offers you convenience, safety and peace of mind. Manufacturers know that curb appeal is everything, so we have a fantastic array of beautiful styles to add to the beauty and value of your home.

Is maintenance-free your cup of tea? Steel doors will keep your cars and belongings secure and require no upkeep on your part. There are also pre-stained fiberglass garage doors, another low-maintenance option, to match your exterior doors. New garage doors offer an opportunity to freshen or change your home’s appearance while offering state-of-the-art options and features.

If you love the look of your old stained wood door, there are custom wood garage doors available, and these can be bought as electric garage doors. When maintaining the style of your home is a priority, these doors can be made in the design and colour of your old doors. Custom garage doors help retain the look of your historic home. They will also add old-fashioned charm to your newer one.

You never need to worry about your family’s safety with automatic garage doors. Residential and commercial doors meet the latest industry standards for safety to give you complete peace of mind. Whether you worry about the safety of your children, pets, or elderly relations, a new garage door can set your mind at ease. It can ensure that those you love stay safe.

If you have a door needing repair, whether manual or automatic, a professional garage service offers fast, friendly garage door repair. They will replace broken springs, fix or replace door openers, replace broken cables and perform section replacements for damaged doors. They work on all makes and models of doors. In a pinch, 24-hour emergency service can be yours as well.