Why buy timber garage doors?

Before we answer this question, we need to understand the various types of timber. The advantage of coniferous trees – resin. It protects against moisture and fungus. Naturally, resistant to rotting wood is stronger and more durable. Even in conifers very beautiful texture. There is a small minus: standing out, the resin can protrude to the surface. But for the gate, this drawback is insignificant.

Pine is good for its hardness, durability. Manufacturers love this tree for a straight trunk and a small number of branches – wood is easy to process. As for weaknesses, the pine is more difficult to paint and other types of finishes.

Spruce pleases the eye with a light, uniform color. Metal fastenings are perfectly supported on the spruce gates, and all thanks to the homogeneous structure of the wood. Gates from this breed of a tree lungs and firm at the same time. Spruce does not dry out so much and has a lower resinous content compared to other coniferous trees. But there is one drawback: because of the porosity, spruce wood more easily “gathers” moisture and, as a result, rots.

Another popular tree for gate manufacturers is larch. Its wood is dense, strong and not too susceptible to decay. The texture of larch is so beautiful that it looks great without additional finishing.

Despite the fact that alder is easy to process, and birch and maple do not dry out, gate manufacturers do not favour deciduous species. The reason is low moisture resistance. The exception is oak . Its wood contains tannins that protect against rotting. Oak is very difficult to process, but it has excellent strength and texture. This largely explains the higher cost compared to conifers.

Side Hinged

This is the classic and most affordable option. The cost of timber garage doors that operate as side hinged, is that they’re easy on the eye and simple. The ideal width of such a gate is 4 m. But you can get by with 3.5 meters – this is enough for the passage of cars.

The pillars on which the gates are fixed must be 20 centimetres above the gates themselves. As a rule, it is from 2 to 2.2 m. The visor above the swing gates will be very useful. It will protect from moisture the most vulnerable part – the ends of the valves. True, the installation of the visor above the gate should be approached deliberately. The overlap can interfere if trucks with construction materials enter the yard or need to replant trees with the help of special equipment. For the visor you need support columns higher – from 3.5 to 4 m.

Doors of swing gates do not always have the same size. One part may be less – wicket. One more plus of such gate – simple installation. Most often enough hanging loops (if the weight of each leaf does not exceed 200 kg). More massive sashes (from 200 to 400 kg) hinged hinges can not stand – the gate can twist. In such cases, use bearing hinges, which evenly distribute the load.

There are swing gates.

First, they need space for free opening both on the street, in front of the gate, and in the courtyard. Moreover, on the ground there should be no elevations that would prevent the doors to open. Secondly, during a blizzard, the owners will need to work with a shovel before getting into or out of the house. Third, heavy sashes place increased demands on the strength of support columns.

To make your swing gates more modern and functional, you can install automation on them, then the gate will open at the touch of a button. Issue price – from 12 to 24 thousand rubles. (excluding the cost of the gate itself).

Sliding garage doors

They are also called rolling. This is a more modern and convenient option. Sliding garage doors are mechanical and automatic. Retractable gates with automation are much more popular.