The pros of Securoglide garage doors

Securoglide doors are well known as being simple and elegant, and overall well designed. These doors are created with robust features in mind, which includes reliability and durability. The garage door offers premium protection too. Note that each Securoglide door is uniquely designed to meet individual preferences. So, why are these garage doors some of the most sought-after on the market?

Security: These garage doors are certified in terms of security. They have been designed with anti-lift locking feature that acts automatically and receiver units which are fitted with high-tech rolling codes. Securoglide’s comb-locking mechanism helps to combat attack from unwanted intruders.

Style: Securoglide doors have a wide range of colour finishing. The garage doors have about 14 powder-coated colours as well as three types of wood grain-laminate finishes. The multiple colour finishes allow you to easily find a door that matches with the exterior of your home. Besides that, the doors can easily match with the latest types of PVC doors and windows.

Space Saving: Securoglide garage doors have been designed to fit in different spaces. They have the double-skin design which features aluminium slat along with the insulating core. The doors fully optimize spaces thanks to their curtain design that are tight-coiling. They also have discreet types of optional boxes which help to optimize the garage’s drive-through height. Besides that, a Securoglide garage door comes with roller shutters that allow the driver to easily park close to the door. The space-saving design still allows you to close or open the door with so much ease.

There’s no need for Internal Tracking: Securoglide garage door doesn’t need internal tracking. As a result, it allows maximum use of the garage’s internal roof space.

Suitable for all sizes: Every Securoglide garage door has vertical openings which means that you can easily install it behind any type of opening. The roller door can’t interfere with the door curtain of your garage hence its suitable for arched garage openings of all sizes and shapes.

Safety: all the Securoglide doors have been designed to meet the safety requirements of CE. They have the Safety-Edge collision-detection mechanism and meet the standards of Anti-Fallback devices. If you are going to use a Securoglide garage door, it means that it will retract in case any type of resistance is detected.

Insulation: the doors have slats which are foam-filled in addition to guide-rail inserts, curtain finishes, and bottom slat-rubber seals which offer insulation. Purchasing this door will significantly decrease your heating costs and enhance energy efficiency.

So there you have it, these are a few of the many advantages that come with Securoglide doors. With so many different designs, shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect garage door for your home and you certainly will not be compromising on quality if you choose Securoglide. It’s one of the best brands because their products are proven through years of use across Europe.