Are Side Hinged Garage Doors the Best Type?

If you are looking at replacing your garage doors, you are likely considering your options. If you’ve heard about side hinge garage doors, you may be aware of the many benefits of them. In this article, we will be discussing some of the benefits of side hinged garage doors.

Benefits Of Side Hinged Doors:

Easy Access

One of the main benefits you will be able to enjoy is the ability to have a garage door with easy access. You will be able to access the door as if it were a regular door. This can make it much easier to operate. Without a side-hinged door, you will find yourself having to work much harder to open it when you need to. This is especially true if you are someone who isn’t that tall.


With side-hinged alternatives, you will be able to choose from a variety of different options when it comes to the style and the material of the door. This may give you the ability to find something that looks better along with your home’s exterior. The ability to make your home look good shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, your curb appeal can dictate the attractiveness of your home on the marketplace.


One of the main benefits you will be able to get with a side-hinged alternative is the ability to have a door that doesn’t make too much noise. If you’ve ever used a traditional motorised garage door, you are likely well aware of how noisy it can be to operate. Likewise, it can even shake your entire home. With this alternative, you have something that can be opened much quieter and much more discretely.

Fewer Things To Go Wrong

With a side-hinged alternative, you will be able to operate your garage knowing that there are fewer points for failure. You won’t have to worry about the prospect of having your opening mechanism to fail because it will be much simpler and you can even opt for completely manual without much additional hassle.

They can easily be automated

Okay, so this may be true of many garage doors, but you can choose a side-hinged garage door that is automatic, easily allowing you to operate it remotely, meaning you don’t need to step out of your vehicle until you’ve arrived safe and sound in your home. This is obviously useful if you use it to store a vehicle, but it’s handy for pedestrian access too.

As you can see, there are several benefits you can get from opting for a side-hinged door rather than a traditional one. While they can be more complicated to make automatic, the benefits they can offer you can outweigh some of the drawbacks. It could be a good option if you are looking for something that can improve your home’s aesthetic and allow you to operate the door of your garage much like a traditional door.