Benefits of fast action doors and work efficiency

The use of fast action doors which quickly open and close is becoming more prevalent in many industries. The benefits these types of doors offer can assist employers to maximise the efficiency of their warehouse operations while reducing the possibility of costly accidents.

What Are Fast Action Doors?

Fast action doors are a specific type of rolling shutter door that includes panels that slide horizontally rather than vertically, as with some other rolling shutter doors. These horizontal panels move sideways very rapidly, allowing for much more efficient loading and unloading without raising dust or trapping workers on either side of the door. Fast action doors are also sometimes referred to as roller shutters or sliding sashes.

For many decades, roller shutters have been used to protect buildings from fires and break-ins. However, with these products, it can take quite a while for people to gain access into the building or safely escape during an emergency situation. With Fast Action Doors (FAD) that is not the case. In fact, by replacing your existing door system with a FAD you will be able to reduce costs associated with fuel bills and insurance premiums. Not only are there economic benefits but there are also safety concerns that are often overlooked when choosing security systems for business.

Using equipment such as a fast action door creates a much safer environment for workers and customers too. By having a door that can close and open rapidly can in fact provide optimum protection to the building and also works to protect workers from such problems as a fire, stopping the spread dramatically.

There are different types of doors that are used in workplace settings, but fast action doors are the first choice for most industrial buildings, including factories and commercial properties. No matter what type of business you have, whether its small or a large enterprise, if you own your building then doors are probably an expense for maintenance. Fast action doors have been used in industries for a very long time. It was originally developed in the early 1900s and its main purpose is to move people, equipment or things out of a burning building as quickly as possible. Its concept has evolved into something that’s now being applied to other kinds of doors like residential and commercial home entryways. In fact, there are many benefits when it comes to choosing fast action doors for your home or business; some include, safety, cost effectivity, better work environment and time efficiency to name a few.

With all the key benefits listed in this article, the use of fast action doors is so vital in a workplace, so investment into one is important for all owners.