How to Insulate a Garage Door Yourself

It is quite obvious that the temperature of any normal garage, will typically be at the mercy of the weather outside. In the winter months especially, garages can be quite cold, so if you have been considering how to keep your garage a bit warmer so that you could be more comfortable whilst working or utilising this space, one way could be to insulate your garage door yourself. There are several options, like DIY insulation kits that you can put up, to improve the thermal efficiency of your garage.

Three common types of garage door insulation are Polystyrene foam, panel insulation and reflective foil insulation. It is important for whatever insulation you use, that it is lightweight, so as not to impede the operation of the garage door or electric opening mechanism. The easiest material is often considered the foil insulation as it is very lightweight and easy to install.

If your garage is directly attached to your home, insulating your garage door could even help you save on heating bills for your entire property, so it can be a very beneficial and easy DIY job.