Best garage door material

There are many types of garage doors, but which one is best for your home?

Wooden garage doors- Wooden garage doors and durable, however they do require regular maintenance in order to keep them in the best possible condition. You must treat the wood to keep them from being weather damaged. Wood is reasonably good as insulating.

Steel- Steel is extremely durable. Low maintenance, however can rust over time. Can also be poor at insulating if insulating layer is not used.

Fiberglass- Durable however is less likely to warp like a wooden door. Made to look like wood, so is pleasing to the eye without the maintenance of a wooden door. Can fade over time with the changing weather.

Aluminum- Lighter, cheaper option to steel, and more resistant than steel to rust/corrosion. Aluminum is more susceptible to dents. however aluminum doors can very expensive.