Can fire roller doors work well in a variety of sectors?

Fire shutter doors are designed to stop the spread of fireside and smoke while protecting your property, products and most significantly the lives of individuals on the premises.

If you currently own a building or commercial property, you’ll probably not question the worth of appropriate fire protection. However, it may be critical to increase your security and fire systems to fully protect your property and employees from devastating loss. With a fire door, you instantly have peace of mind knowing you have some protection in place, even if it’s for an hour or three, allowing the emergency services to intervene before it’s too late!

Fire roller doors are suitable for all establishments, but are best in high risk areas like kitchens. These products offer optimum fire protection starting from 1 to 4 hours, which may be integrated into existing fire and security alarm systems. A key consideration when specifying a bespoke fire shutter door is the fire resistance level (FRL).

The fire resistance level is the ability of a fireplace shutter door to face up to a fire under test conditions for a particular period of your time. Their effectiveness is rated on a scale of 60, 120, or 240-minute fire rating, which represents the time it can prevent major damage to buildings.

When specifying a bespoke fire shutter, you’ll need to consider the following:

• Width and height of opening

• Aesthetics

• Frequency of use

• Features of operation

• Budget

• Head room requirements

• Finish

• Connection to the prevailing fire system


There are many components that structure the planning of fireside shutter doors and work together within the event of an emergency to keep your employees safe from harm, and property safe from damage.


Shutter curtains are constructed from curved steel laths, interlocked with an appropriate steel end-lock device. This keeps the curtain true and prevents unwanted movement in travel.


Formed from folded galvanised steel, guides are hooked into the dimensions of the opening.


Constructed from plate steel, sizes vary depending on shutter width, height and fire rating.


Barrels are the revolving axle on which the curtain rolls and vary in size within the same manner because of the endplates.


The hood forms an entire surround to the endplate, barrel and curtain construction to further enhance the integrity of the shutter.


Galvanised steel – electroplated at source or hot dipped.

Powder coating – Our high-quality powder coating creates a durable, long lasting finish.