Garage door types continued

We have already discussed 3 types in our previous post so now we’ll move on to sectional, roller and round the corner.
Sectional Garage Doors – these offer greater security, have insulated options and don’t swing out like most up and overs. The doors are split horizontally into panels and operate in vertical tracks that curve into horizontal ones to follow the roof of the garage. These types of doors can be easily converted to remote control.
Roller Shutter Door
These are similar to the sectional, but are slats instead of panels. They are constructed from either steel or aluminium; some manufacturers construct a roller shutter from a continuous roll of galvanised steel. They do tend to have a larger roll at the top, so be weary of this. They can be manual or remote. There are many colour options available; you can also pick wood-grain colours which come as laminated foil overlays.
Round The Corner
These are usually constructed from timber panels, but you can also get aluminium and steel. These work by sliding across and then curving round to follow the wall back into the garage. You can have Bi-parting, which is 2 separate doors which slide in opposite directions. They can be manual or remote and almost any size.