Garage door types (Part 1)

Selecting a garage door should be based on several factors, but underlining these factors is budget. The cost of a garage door can vary greatly depending on the type you want installed. Electric doors are usually the more expensive option. There are several door operating systems which we are going to introduce you to:

  • Canopy up and over – called canopy because when open about a third of the door protrudes out from the framework – forming a ‘canopy’.
  • Retractable up and over – this is similar to the Canopy, but has no cables to lift the door, instead the side mounted lifting arms with tension springs carry the weight. However, because of these, it makes the drive through space more narrow.
  • Retractable PLUS Up and Over – just like the previous design it has arms, however the lifting arms are positioned higher on the side panels so as not to restrict the drive through space.