How do high-speed doors help maintain controlled environments?

High-speed doors play an important role in maintaining controlled environments. They help keep out pests and contaminants, while also regulating the flow of air and temperature. By keeping the environment under control, high-speed doors help ensure that the products inside are protected from outside influences.

One of the key benefits of high-speed doors is that they can help to prevent pests and contaminants from entering the facility. Pests can cause damage to products or contaminate them with bacteria or other harmful substances. Contaminants can also cause problems by compromising the purity of the air inside the facility. High-speed doors keep out these unwanted elements, helping to maintain a clean and safe environment.

In addition to protecting against pests and contaminants, high-speed doors can also help to keep products safe. By maintaining optimal temperatures for the facility, high-speed doors keep the environment conducive to product growth and consistency. These types of doors help to prevent fluctuations in temperature that can occur with regular doors.

Another benefit of high-speed doors is the energy they save by eliminating drafts that are created when regular, manual doors are used multiple times each day. With high speed doors UK, you can also reduce energy usage by sealing tightly against air infiltration, helping companies comply with LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) initiatives. Researchers at Columbia University found that between 15% and 20% of industrial energy costs could be cut by using high-speed automatic door systems rather than a traditional storefront or industrial applications. From cold rooms to clean rooms, high-speed doors offer unique solutions for the different types of controlled environments you will find in your facility.

10 benefits of High-Speed Doors at a glance:

1) Enhanced factory appearance

2) Improved comfort

3) Reduced energy costs

4) Better indoor air quality

5) Safety improvements including reduced accidents and improved maintainability

6) Faster door service

7) Reduction in water usage

8) Protecting employees from dangerous weather conditions

9) Reducing labour time spent outside during loading and unloading

10) Minimising product damage from exposure to the elements outside.

Additional benefits include an improved indoor environment in terms of temperature, humidity, dust contaminants, odour levels. More fresh air can be brought in when using high-speed doors with automatic opening features which will reduce carbon dioxide by 25 per cent. The controlled environment ensures that you are able to maintain a hygienic atmosphere for your staff and your customers. When optimal conditions are maintained there is increased productivity potential. With high-speed doors being used more often in factory settings they are becoming more common in industrial applications as well as cold room doors servicing the food industry where it all with preventing bacterial growth.