What are security steel doorsets?

A security steel doorset is a composite door that houses a steel or metal frame, door and panels with a combination of accessories.

The most common security door sets are fire rated for protection against the spread of fire in the event of a blaze. Since they have been developed there has been little change to this product standard apart from an increase in the number of options available to customers. Security steel doorsets provide you with many benefits such as:

  • Stronger than wooden doors by design so less likely to be kicked through
  • Realistic looking from outside so, therefore, harder for burglars to target
  • Can be cooled easily if too hot on the inside. Many are insulated for energy-efficient heating and cooling
  • Easier to clean with no grooves or knock on/off handles to trap dirt
  • Enhanced security with composite design makes them more difficult for burglars to kick in compared to wooden doorsets, the steel doorsets offer greater strength and durability.
  • Steel is stronger than wood because it has a higher tensile strength, which means that it can stretch further before breaking. This means that they are less likely to be kicked through by burglars, as the wood around hinges or locks is forced outwards. They also resist attempts at forcing locks without causing any damage.
  • The majority of steel doorsets come ready-made so there’s no need to pay for installation. This makes them quicker and easier to install in comparison to wooden doorsets, which are made-to-measure.
  • Steel is also more weather resistant than wood, protecting your home from the elements because it doesn’t get affected by moisture or water damage. It will not rot or warp like other doorsets do over time damaging the aesthetic of your property. Due to its durability, steel will ensure your door remains unaffected by temperature variations throughout different seasons making it an ideal choice for people living in colder areas where there is a lot of rainfall during the winter months.

Are steel doorsets ideal for commercial properties?

Absolutely. Warehouses, offices, business parks, logistics centres, garages and retail stores can all benefits from robust, strong and stylish steel doorsets. Combined with anti-jemmy locks they are the ideal security solution to keep your building’s internal environment secure.

Will steel doorsets require any maintenance?

Steel is one of the most difficult metals to maintain; it is extremely difficult to repaint and scratches easily. Whilst they may not need painting like wooden doors, steel doorsets will require very little maintenance. However, our A2 powder coating option keeps them looking good for years, making them great for commercial properties that expect high volumes of footfall.

Do I need an alarm on my steel doorset?

Many clients choose door security direct as their supplier because we offer a huge range of options for each product listed on our website. This includes an optional electric or mains powered alarm system. You can also choose to have no alarm or simply turn it off if you prefer. Advanced locks can be added, opening by either key, code or cards so the choice is yours. You can achieve maximum security using an electric or mains powered alarm which should only be used on steel doorsets with solid core construction. It’s always a good idea to check your local council first as some properties require specific planning permission for this type of door security before buying the product.

Theft and vandalism are on the rise. It’s crucial homeowners and businesses do everything they can to mitigate the risks, and with steel doors, you will be heading in the right direction! There are many ways that steel doorsets enhance the safety of your property, both aesthetically and structurally. They’re made with strong materials to withstand constant use and attempts at forced entry, for example if someone tries to kick down the door. The most common material is cold rolled steel or stainless steel alloys, which offer excellent strength without weighting too much so they can be conveniently manoeuvred. There can of course be additional security features like CCTV, alarms, access control systems and security lighting, however, you need a strong barrier for your most vulnerable areas (mainly doors and windows), so by installing steel doorsets you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a high level of protection in place. If you’re concerned about your windows, then a quality option is reinforced glass or security bars.