Signs that Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Performing a monthly inspection of your garage is highly recommended, but very few people pay attention to a garage door unless it stops working. A regular inspection is a smart way to spot the potential critical and probably costly problems. Well, you can inspect the garage door by simply opening and closing it and paying close attention to what you hear or see. Below are some of the common sign that will require services of a garage door company.

• The garage door doesn’t open or close or responds slowly

Obviously, if the garage door fails to open or close using control button, then you need to ask for a repairperson. There are many reasons your garage door won’t close and open as normal, but the most common reason is the bad connection between the garage door and the control panels. You might need to check whether; something is blocking it, before calling a professional. It should not take wrong before the door responds to your commands. It should take around a second or two for the door to receive the signals, and if it takes longer than that, then there might be a problem with the opener, and you need to have, it checked.  

• Excessive Noise

That squeaking, rattling, and grinding sound need to be checked. Many noisy garage doors can be silenced with just dew fixes and maintenance checks, but there are complex situations that need the services of a professional. A maintenance specialist will start by checking all the nuts and bolts, retighten and see whether the sound will disappear, if it doesn’t he will have to inspect the rollers and replace them if they are the cause of the problem.

• Sagging or damage

It’s always recommended that you check and test the garage door balance at least once a month which can be done, by disconnection the opener from the door and operate it manually. If the door falls when you bring the door half way, and if it doesn’t, there might be something wrong with its springs. One can be tempted to check the spring, but doing this can be very risky, therefore should be left in the hand of a professional.

• The garage door is off the tracks

The door is moved up and down by rollers, which are held in place by brackets that are attached to the door. The roller has a stem that fits into a bracket sleeve and the roller into the track, but there is no guarantee that the roller won’t jump off the track.

· Increasing energy bills

You need to keep track of your energy bill, and if you notice some kind of spike, you might have to check whether its associated with a garage door problem. If your door is too old, there are chances you are paying more than you need to, therefore consider hiring a professional garage door company and let them install a new model that is more energy efficient.

These are just a few signs that necessitate a garage door company, but of course, there more and the only way to be on a safer side is to have regular inspections from the experts; they will be able to identify problems you can’t identify yourself.