When And How Should a Metal Garage Door Be Painted

Garage doors should be repainted around every 15 years to keep them looking in top condition. After this time the paint on the garage door will start to deteriorate and rust will begin to form on the exposed metal sections. Making repainting a garage door important for the structural health of the door, as well as for aesthetics.

Metal garage doors are different to wooden and fiberglass doors, both when they should be repainted and how they need to be maintained. Because metal doors build up rust over time, this will need to be sanded down and treated with rust remover before any kind of painting can be carried out. Removing rust is also an important part of the general maintenance of a metal garage door.

When repainting the door, a primer that is suitable will need to be used before hand. There are different types of primer for different metal doors so it’s important to check if they are compatible.